The Black Widow Bike Shop is a Hoyt S Neal company full service motorcycle repair shop for the New Jersey Shore. We have the most hassle free and convenient service and best of it we can come to you. No more do you have to wait for days on end to get your bike back. Just give us a call we can come to you get your bike running be your home or your work or where you are stuck at (within a 30 mile radius). If you need it we can pick you and your bike up. Our shop is a Harley Davidson Certified Shop but we can also work on any type of bike Hoyt S Neal will make sure that you are taken care of. If you want to make an appointment or have a question or ask what sort of parts we have please email us.

The Black Widow Bike Shop was established in 1999. The company was started when all five of us were around a table discussing the need for a great Motorcycle shop that could offer excellent service and great quality parts. From there the five of us decided to make Black Widow Bike Shop a reality. With that we hope we can offer you the same great quality and reliability that we envisioned back in 1999.

You ask us what sets us apart from other motorcycle shops? It is our strong attention to detail and the quality of products we use in all of our services. So if you are looking for a new seat? We have it. If you are looking for some ape hangers? We got it. Or are you needing a 5000 mile check up or fork oil change? We can do it and you will be happy with our service. I promise.

If you need parts we do ship international. If you have an inquire or want to order just email us today. We also have powder coating, blacking, and chroming services. Send us a image and an email for pricing.